Friday, November 14, 2008

And I'm Back!!!

So sorry I have been away way too long!! I've actually changed my name now since.....well...I got married on the 8th of November!!! I have taken the year prior to plan, sort, nitpick, breakdown, bitch, moan, complain, tremble, cry and obsess about Justin and my wedding. It was a wonderful affair. It turned out perfectly well and all I have left to do is change my name, get my dressed preserved, and write thank you notes. Here's a few pics from the wedding that I do have at the moment.

Receiving of the rings.

Us walking back up the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Morrell.

But the past year has been very little knitting really. I did finish Justin's sock for Christmas, and he loved his 1 sock. Now I just have to finish the other one for this Christmas.

Him wearing his Christmas Sock.

The yarn is actually from Amanda's LoneStar Arts shop. I can't remember the colors, think it's The Big Blue or something, it's mainly Cowboy colors. Well since he knew I was really getting into my knitting, that's before we started planning the wedding of course, he got me this...........

It's a Swift!!! He actualy got online, looked up every site he possibly could, did his homework on swifts and got me this faboulas Swift!!!! I am so happy he took the time to actually find it for me, because when I rolled up the ball of yarn for his socks.......well........

Lets just say it wasn't so pretty.

I'm back now and ready to get started knitting again. I have a lot of projects on kneedle but I plan to take my time and finish them. I've decided to put them in order of how I'm going to accomplish them.

1-Justin's pair to his xmas socks (want to finish before xmas of course)

2- Scarf for Dan that is halfway done (can interchange between sock and this just to liven it up)

3-Mom's Clapotis

4- My 2 yarn in 1 project scarves!!

5- A blanket for Dad and my nephew, Santiago!!

Well I promise to be on at least once a week to blog!! We'll see how far I've gone on my projects!!!