Friday, November 23, 2007

My Motivation!

I started knitting up the warm colored of blue/brown fourplay I bought at kid-n-ewe into a scarf the other day. I'd thought I'd give it to a friend who was going away to colder climates. I found out later that he actually had a ton of them so I just kept knitting it up. I knitted it slowly to enjoy the fourplay and watch the scarf grow. The colorwork was awed and admired by many of my knitting friends. Enid actually wanted to cut off my yarn, I was half way through my scarf, and steal it for herself. Later in the week I found out Justin will be leaving for New Jersey for 3 weeks where it's freezing cold out there!! I thought "Who better to give this scarf to then my love!!" I started to work franticly on the scarf the whole week. Any time I spent in front of the tv, or finished anything I was working on, was spent trying to finish that scarf!! Of course, lately with us trying to bring back the old magic Justin would want me to put down the scarf to hold him instead. I hadn't told him I was knitting it for him yet, I wanted it to be a suprise. So for the past week he'd look at the scarf like some evil little thing that had invaded his lap of luxury, AKA my lap for him to lay on! This evening we watched a movie and I finished the scarf midway through. I wrapped it around his neck and just looked at him. He sayed he thought it was nice and admired it as best he could, especially since he likes to watch how much all my projects grow and always supports my hobbies. I told him I hoped it would keep him warm during his trip to New Jersey. If you've never felt so much love for anything simple you've knitted I recommend that you knit a scarf for your significant other. He was close to tears and utterly grateful! I know it's like the 4th scarf I've knit, no cables, nothing fancy at all; just a variagated yarn with a simple K1 P1 stitch. But that scarf was recieved with such love it almost made me cry. That's one of most favorite projects I've ever made just for the simple reason that he loved it!! I rarely ever keep anything for myself and it's for that reason that I like to give my projects away. It's that happy feeling inside of me when someone understands the thought I put into a project for them. That's what keeps me doing it most of all!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I've sold my first born son.....for Yarn

Yesterday I had talked to the devil personally and sold my first born. I now have a varied assortment of new yarn from Kid-n-Ewe-and-Lamas-Too fair in Boerne. It was a great time!! I actually had to pull myself away from the fair or I'd have to sell my second born as well. I really don't know the damage inflicted on my credit card but I very well may have to put it on ice like my friend Kara did. (Kara, and old roommate, took her credit cards and froze them in cups of water. That way if there was an emergency she could get them and also not be tempted to use them) Either way this is the beautiful damage that I recieved.

That is the complete collection of my damage! Gorgeous isn't it?!! I walked around for about 2 hours trying to stray away from anything I thought was beautiful but had no clue at what I would make out of it. Also I still felt like a newbie because there were still so many things I didn't know about there. The way yarn is dyed, spun, needles used at times, types of stitch patterns, etc. made me fell like I did last year. Of course this year I was able to appreciate a lot more and buy yarn and needles for it all. Let me start with what I did buy.

First we have the beautiful Brooks Farms purchase Riata, Wool/Mohair/Silk. I bought 2 skiens of this so I could make for myself a clapotis. It contains about 375yds each, so of course it's more than enough. I'm just entranced by the soft creams/blues/ browns that it has. I think it's going to look awesome!!

Then you have a discounted skein of Fourplay, wool/silk, 270yds. I found it laying underneath a load of other discounted yarn but this one caught my eye. It looks just like the Riata I bought but its a lot darker. This of course will be another scarf for myself. I know I'm still learning to knit different things but I do love scarfs a lot!!! I'll always will. Maybe I'll give it to Justin though, it does have "Manly" colors.

Then next you have the same type of yarn but it's all in browns and greys. I wanted this to make a clapotis for my mom. I can see her sitting in bed reading a book with a clapotis made out of this yarn around her sholders keeping her warm in the winter. I'm so excited, I can't wait to start on all these projects!!

Now we come to the sock yarn at the bottom. That's Amanda's concoctions (excuse me I can't spell) from Lone Star Arts. They are called Grundge and Little Boy Blue. They are mainly sock yarns, which I plan to convert into socks for myself (Grundge) and for my sister in law!!! That is until I actually finish with my first pair of socks, which I actually had to undo and start over again! But like they say practice makes perfect. I'll just keep at it.

Then I bought some lace weight yarn (Kraemer, Sterling Sil & Silver, Merino/silk/nylon/silver, 420 yds) to make a shawl out of for myself actually. I've never really had a shawl I thought was practical, not too elaborate and could go with anything. So I plan to make one from these. That is once I get over my fear of how long it really takes to make something from lace weight yarn.

And last, but not least were the little things I found while I was there. There is a small grab bag, with enought yarn to make a scarf, it has the pattern yarn and directions for blocking all combined. It came in a pretty pink color. Then I bought some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn that is black and blue. Don't really know who I'll give it to but I just loved the combination. Then some size 2 double point needles and size8 circular. I bought the circularto make my clapotis with.

So now I have a ton of new yarn and I really need to clean out my old ones. I think I'll let my friends have all the ones I have no clue what I'll do with. I know we've all done that, seen something we like and want to do something with but never getting around to figuring out what that is. I hope my friends have better ideas for the stuff I have no clue what to do with and make great masterpieces out of them.